Between May and November 2007 Dominik Skorupa, member of the Institute for Research on Civilizations was preparing and executing a project oriented towards eastern neighbours of the European Union called:

„Solidarity Then and Now”

Pobierz raport/Download the report (PDF)

After completion of the project a multilingual report (Polish, English and Russian languages) was issued. It sums up the study trips by the participants and analyzes the image of Poland abroad from historical and sociological perspectives. The project has its own website, which states inter alia:

The conference will be focused on the analysis of the key landmarks of contemporary Polish history and their impact on the European society. Among the elaborated issues will be the phenomenon of “Solidarity” and its role in the collapse of communism along with other social factors like the support of Catholic Church and the spontaneous occurrence of social actions.

The panelists participating in the conference are drawn from a variety of fields, including politicians, international relations analysts and social scientists.

The Belarusians and Ukrainians who wish to actively participate in the process of creating a civil society in their countries will also take part in the conference. Their active engagement will take form of presentations on their perception of the image of Poland. Furthermore, they will participate in the round-the-country trip, which will include the meetings with Polish NGO activists, local government representatives and business network.