Summary of the project by Institute for Research on Civilizations

„In the Steps of the 21st Century Velvet Revolution: Ukraine – Serbia – Georgia”

The main objective of the expedition was to observe and try to understand socio-political processes which are currently under way in central-eastern Europe and the Caucasus, and also to analyse the process of democratisation in newly-liberated post-communist countries. Participants of the trip researched the attitude of those countries’ citizens towards the possibility of European Union accession. Many meetings were held throughout the trip with youth groups which played a key part in the ‘velvet revolutions’: “Otpor!” in Serbia, “Kmara” in Georgia and “Pora!” in the Ukraine. There were also opportunities to meet with journalists, local and national politicians, social activists and artists. An integral part of the trip was the ongoing research project conducted under the watchful eyes of experts. The trip was co-organised with partners in the Ukraine and Georgia: the T. Shevchenko University in Kyiv, the I. Franko Lviv National University, the “Pora!” social organisation and the State University of Tbilisi. The project fell under the patronage of the East European Democratic Centre and the “Sowiniec” Foundation Centre for the Documentation of Acts of Freedom, and media patronage was given by Wprost Weekly and

Channel 3 of Polish Television also recorded and broadcast a TV documentary (Szlakiem aksamitnych rewolucji) about the trip.